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Home Cleaning Tips: Keeping Your Home Clean

How do some people always seem to have a clean home? Keeping your home clean and tidy can seem time-consuming, but not when you follow Your Cleaning Concierge’s home cleaning tips to help keep your home neat and tidy.

Stay on top of things

Those friends with consistently clean homes usually don’t madly run around to clean for hours before your arrival. They likely stay on top of their home cleaning tasks.

This means cleaning up after every meal, doing the dishes daily (or loading/unloading the dishwasher), wiping down countertops, and doing a quick vacuum or sweep. Many of our clients enjoy having a Roomba or robotic vacuum to give their home a sweep every night while they sleep.

A place for everything…and everything in its place

  • An overcrowded and cluttered home will be nearly impossible to keep clean. Keep your home as uncluttered as possible and have a place for everything. For example:
  • Store all your linens and towels in a cabinet
  • Keep cleaning supplies in a cleaning caddy (more on this tip below)
  • Avoid cluttering countertops with every small appliance you own. Stick to 1-2 small, regularly used appliances (like your coffee maker and toaster, for example). Bring out others only as you need them.
  • Have clearly labelled bins for garbage and recycling (if they can be tucked away in a laundry room or under a cupboard that creates a less visual distraction in your home).

Stock a cleaning caddy

Many people store their cleaning supplies under a sink or in a cabinet. This works, but when you need a specific cleaning tool or product, you dig through your stash to find it, thus making a mess.

Instead, buy a small caddy (with a handle) and store your most used, everyday cleaning supplies. Then you can just grab the caddy and walk around your home and always have the right cleaning product for the job.

Create a cleaning schedule

One of our best home cleaning tips to keep your home tidy, without booking off an entire day, is to do one small cleaning task each day. Keep these tasks to 10-15 minutes max. Here are some “cleaning day” ideas you could add to your calendar:

  • Laundry day
  • Toilet and sink day
  • Vacuum upstairs (or downstairs) day
  • Wash the kitchen floors day
  • Wipe the stovetop/counters day
  • Towel and/or sheets and blanket washing day
  • Garden weeding day
  • Dusting day
  • Vacuum air vents and intakes day
  • Fix-it day (the day you fix something small in your home, like replacing light bulbs or scratches and scuffs on the wall)

Make your bed

There are some “tricks” to make your home look clean. One of them is to make your bed every day. Another one is to ensure your throw pillows and any blankets in your living room are placed or folded nicely

Hire a local, professional cleaning company

Sometimes, your house needs a good deep clean. Hire a cleaning company (like Your Cleaning Concierge) to help your home sparkle. Many can clean a 2000-square-foot home in a couple of hours. They can do many tasks like cleaning your fridge, scrubbing your bathroom, vacuuming, and dusting.

Your Cleaning Concierge is a team of professional cleaners who LOVE to clean (yes, you read that right). We’ll help tackle everyday cleaning and bigger jobs around your home. Call us today and tell us where you need help to keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh!

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