Home selling tips: Selling in a soft real estate market

Want some home selling tips? Real estate has been a hot topic recently, and with the recent interest rate increases by the Bank of Canada, it’s even more so. We’re seeing the beginning of a soft real estate market, where the number of available homes and buyers is decreasing.

However, if you’re planning to sell your home, we’ve got some great home selling tips to grab the attention of potential buyers and get the best price possible:

Home selling tips: Start by decluttering

Before selling your home or getting it ready for photography and open houses, decluttering is one of your first steps. It’s an excellent opportunity to eliminate unneeded items you don’t plan to bring when you move.

It’s also good to remove any clutter so you can uncover areas of your home that may need minor repairs before selling.

Do minor repairs

The value of your home isn’t 100% based on your assessed value. Buyers’ perception of value plays a huge role in the offers you’ll receive. A fresh coat of paint on a scratched wall makes a big difference. Look around your home and do minor repairs to make your home’s perceived value increase.

Don’t forget repairs and maintenance on the outside of your home. Your yard is the first impression someone gets of your home so ensure your grass is neatly trimmed, hedges are tidy, and it’s been weeded. A fresh coat of paint or stain on your fences also makes an excellent first impression.

Stage your home

Potential buyers don’t want to see how YOU lived in the home. They want to imagine what it would be like for THEM to live there. Remove any personal trinkets like family photos, framed certificates, and personally sentimental items.

For example, if you usually have your stand mixer, toaster, coffee maker, and blender on your counters for everyday use, consider choosing just one small appliance (or none at all). This is just for photos and open houses. If you must, you can put these items back on your counters, just be prepared to put them away when someone wants a showing. Your bathroom counters should also be clear of all belongings and personal items.

Another helpful home selling tip is to stage your home with fresh flowers and plants. Get a few new plants and lovely pots and place them around your home. Fresh foliage makes a home look fresh and inviting.

Also, run your vacuum and wash your floors and windows before a showing. Dirty floors and windows can cause a distraction for the buyer, who’ll focus on the filth, not the home’s features.

Want more home selling tips?

While Judie and her team aren’t realtors, they work very closely with many local agents and know how to declutter and stage a home to get it ready for photos and open houses. We can help you get your home picture-perfect so you can get the best price possible from potential buyers.

Call Judie and her team today, and let’s start decluttering, cleaning, and staging your home for success!

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