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Moving day tips for settling into your new home

In the last article, we shared tips to help you pack up your home or office. Today, we’re reminding you that moving your belongings into your new space isn’t the end of your moving adventure. There is still more to do to get settled in. 

Here are our expert moving day tips for what needs to be done when the boxes have been delivered and the movers have gone home:

Moving Day Tips: Residential Moves

Now that you’re in your new home, you are likely drowning in boxes! Here are a few tips to help sift through the mess and get your home set up and ready:

  • Unpack the kitchen first: We always suggest unpacking your kitchen first. You can only afford to eat pizza delivery for so long. Start with your dishes and food, then find a home for small appliances, special gadgets, and larger cookware. 
  • Get some pictures up: For many, a new home won’t feel like their own until they have their own pictures and decor on the walls. Choose at least a few pieces of art or decor and get them up in your main rooms. 
  • Connect internet, phone, and TV: Make arrangements with any utility companies to move your services, effective on moving day. Don’t forget to schedule internet, landline, and TV services too. Your Moving Concierge can wait at your home to meet with your service providers for you. 
  • Hire unpacking help: You can hire a company to help you unpack and organize your belongings. Many can also help you set up the furniture and hang pictures too. 

Office Moves

Moving your office or workplace to a new location requires more work after the movers leave. Here are a few post-move moving tips for your business:

  • Connect internet, phones and other utilities: To get your staff back to work as quickly as possible, pre-arrange to have your utilities hooked up on moving day.
  • Get IT teams ready: Ask your IT teams to spearhead getting computers and network access ready to go before employees arrive. Have them test all ethernet ports and wifi throughout the office. 
  • Don’t forget the break room: Assign someone to unpack your snacks, food, and dishes in the break room on day one. This ensures that your staff has a place (and supplies) for coffee breaks and lunch. 
  • Ensure staff packing boxes are at their cubicle: If possible, have a team member walk around to each office and ensure the correct boxes are at each desk. 
  • Put up name plaques: Welcome new staff to their new desk by ensuring their name plaque is up and ready when they arrive. 

Don’t forget that hiring a moving concierge can make your move more efficient and stress-free. Contact Judie and the Your Moving Concierge team today for referrals and moving coordination support. 

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