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Moving Tips: Preparing to move

Moving is a gargantuan task. Successful moves are carefully planned to ensure your moving day goes smoothly. Here are our best moving tips based on where you are moving from:

From a townhouse or detached home

When moving from a townhouse or detached home, here are a few moving and packing tips to know:

  • Book movers early: When you decide to move, you should start contacting moving companies right away. The good ones often book early. 
  • Rent a storage cube: You can start packing early to save last-minute packing stress. Rent a storage cube for your driveway and begin packing items. Then on moving day, the cube will be transported to your new home. 
  • Be mindful of your neighbours: Avoid blocking the street or driveways with your moving truck. If you must, ask their permission first. Also, try to avoid making a lot of noise too early in the morning or late at night. 

From an apartment

Moving from an apartment usually includes unique challenges that detached homeowners don’t have. Here are some apartment-specific moving tips:

  • Reserve your elevator: If the movers need to use an elevator, reserve it with your building manager. This will block off one elevator for your use, making moving more convenient for your movers and neighbours.
  • Move boxes near your front door: To be efficient with your elevator booking, move as many boxes as possible towards your front door, so movers don’t have to go far from picking up a box to the elevator. 
  • Set up an “Assembly Line” of movers: If you’re having friends help with your move, give each person a station:
    • One (or more) person moves items from the apartment to the elevator.
    • One person packs and rides the elevator (and unpacks at the bottom).
    • One (or more) person moves boxes from the elevator to the moving truck.
    • One person organizes the boxes in the moving truck.

Moving tips for businesses

To help optimize your experience of moving your workplace, here are some moving tips for offices:

  • Have staff pack their desks: Provide office staff with pre-labelled boxes so they can pack their own belongings. Provide these 1-2 weeks in advance so they can plan their packing around meetings and other commitments
  • Create an internal moving team: Assign several individuals in your company to coordinate your move. This can also be outsourced to a moving concierge company specializing in corporate moves. 
  • Book freight elevators or maintenance bays: If you’re in a shared building, book freight elevators and maintenance bays to quickly move items into the moving trucks with as minimal disruption to other building tenants as possible.  

If you follow these pre-move moving tips, your day-of move will go much smoother. 

In the next article, we’ll discuss what happens when you move into your new home (or office) and what still needs to be done. 

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