Our Seniors

For our Seniors: We know how hard it is.

Our team is experienced and sensitive to the needs of seniors who need to move. Downsizing and leaving a home can be especially stressful for seniors. We also understand the stress their families go through when the need to move arises. We understand and we support our client and their family through this difficult time. We only work with others who are empathetic and supportive including trained councilors who can help guide this sometimes-difficult process.

We work with Retirement Homes regularly and are able to easily navigate these moves. Our goal when moving a client is to do it as quickly as possible as little as 24 hours from start to finish. Pictures hung, TV and Wi-Fi working and as many things in their “proper place” as possible!

How We Work


We work with you to create a plan that is based on your individual needs.


We will do it all or guide you through every phase of the move making sure that you are working with the best and realizing great value.

White Glove Service.

We hold our clients hand through the entire process, working with you to solve every issue related to your move no matter what it is!