Happy senior man sitting on floor relaxing in new home living room with cardboard boxes packed with office stuff on moving day.

Our Top 9 Tips for a Stress-free Move

Moving is the 3rd most stressful life event (after the death of a loved one and divorce). But it doesn’t have to be. Our very own Judie Dahl has moved over 33 times in her life and has some great tips to share with you.

Here are some of Judie’s best tips for a stress-free move:

Planning your move

  1. Plan as early as possible: Moving companies, cleaners, and other home services often book-up months in advance. As soon as you know your moving date and details, start booking everyone you need to help. This gives you the best selection of vendors so you don’t settle for just “whoever is available,” no matter the cost.
  2. Wrap breakables in towels: If you don’t want to spring for expensive bubble wrap or glass boxes, gather all linens, sheets, and towels, cushions, blankets. These are perfect for wrapping dishes, glasses, and other breakables. If you run out of towels, start using clothes to cushion your breakables.
  3. Buy many boxes: Trust us, you’d rather have too many boxes than not enough. Some places like U-Haul will buy back your unused boxes so buy more than you think you’ll need.
  4. Fill small boxes with heavy items: Try not to put your entire antique paperweight collection in an extra-large packing box. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes or fill bigger boxes with half heavy and half lighter items. The easier they are to lift, the faster your movers can cart them around.
  5. Garbage bags for hung clothes: We like to pack handfuls of closet-hung clothes together and slip them into a garbage bag. Hold the hangers and slide the bag over top to cover the clothes. Then poke the hangers together through the bottom (now the top) of the bag and use them as a carrier or to carefully fold into a box.
  6. Colour-code your boxes: Grab a package of coloured labels from the store. Assign a different colour label to each room in your new home and affix these labels to your boxes so you know where each box goes when you arrive in your new home. Don’t affix the labels directly to the box if you plan to sell your boxes after. Instead, apply them to painter’s tape on the box.

Moving day

  1. Pack an overnight bag: Unless you’ve got superpowers or you’ve hired us to unpack you, chances are you won’t be fully unpacked in your new home on your first night. Bring an overnight bag with everything you need for the first 1-2 days, just in case you can’t find your “unmentionables” box. Include any medications you need, a toothbrush, essential documents, and new home paperwork.
  2. Don’t forget the pets! They will need food and water especially if stressed. Keep their bed, blanket and maybe a pair of your old slippers with them in transit and at the new home. Get their toys out into every room for them to find!
  3. Label your rooms: Remember those colour-coded box labels you used (step #6 above)? Use painter’s tape and tape a paper of the same colour on each room in your home. This way, the movers know exactly where to place the boxes.
  4. Order take-out: You’ll be way too tired to cook on your first night. Order an easy dinner (pizza is a classic choice) and offer it to your movers and anyone helping you that day.

In your new home

Once the movers are gone, you’ll be left with boxes and boxes to unpack and organize. Thankfully, Your Moving Concierge is here to help you unpack. We can even organize your new Wi-Fi and wait for your new couch delivery while you run errands. Need a picture hung? We can do that too.

Your Moving Concierge works with you to create a moving plan based on your needs. We provide coordination, supervision, referrals, and full white-glove service throughout your move. Talk to us today, and we’ll help make your next move a stress-free experience.

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