Moving in - What Clients Say

Tips to Make Your Move Easier

We are attached to our belongings!  Find someone more objective to help you decide on what to let go of. 

If you haven’t used it in 2 years you probably don’t need it 🙂

Create piles of “stuff”!  Goodwill, Sell, Recycle, Rubbish.  Everything else is keep.  Use Painters tape to label things.

Find slightly used boxes online.  Someone else may have just moved.

Book your mover and elevator as far in advance as possible especially if you are moving at months end.

Don’t seal any of your boxes until everything is packed.  You might need room for one or two more things.

Pack the heavy items in the bottom of the boxes and lighter items at the top.

Remember that someone will need to move the boxes so try and keep them at a reasonable weight.

Bubble wrap is great for the dainties – those special wine glasses etc.

Fido may get anxious with all of the changes.  Keep his or her fave toy, blanket, beds out and available to them throughout the move. 

If you have to leave Fido or Fluffy somewhere during your move, give them one of your old socks or shirts to take with them to not miss you too much.

Be especially kind to yourself and your loved ones remembering that…


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